Mobile computing solutions of Medical Industry

Mobile computing solutions of Medical Industry

  • 28 March, 2024
  • Anthony Yang

First, the requirements for mobile computing solutions of Medical Industry :

The medical industry mainly refers to medical institutions at all levels. The demand for mobile computing in medical institutions includes:

  1. The electronic management of medical records has become an urgent problem to be solved in hospital management. At present, most of the domestic hospitals still use manual operations, using paper as a delivery vehicle.
  2. Some domestic hospitals have their own information systems, but they all use the method of recording doctors' diagnoses and prescription information into computers afterwards. This is a heavy workload and prone to errors.
  3. Ward management is currently a manual method. If you can immediately digitize nursing information and doctor's room information, you can save time and provide timely feedback on patient information and treatment.
  4. The barcode management of drugs ensures their accuracy, safety and speed.

Second, patient-centered on-site medical solutions

Our mobile computing solutions for the medical industry can create better patient-centered healthcare, which can greatly improve the level of medical care and increase the efficiency of medical institutions. The solution greatly benefits from mobile computing technologies in several areas, such as e-prescription and diagnostic report, personal care, smart devices, and drug management.

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