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Industrial PDA

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Update time : 2019-01-04 16:27:01
Industrial PDAs (industrial-grade PDAs) are upgrades for consumer pdas. The main difference is that they can be used under strict industrial requirements, such as high temperature, dust, humidity, etc. In these environments, general consumer PDAs cannot be used.
Software Description
Industrial PDA is widely used in land, power, forestry, environment, navigation, municipal, marine and other industries, and can be customized to a variety of specific requirements of the industry application functions. The basic design adopts an all-in-one integrated design, which integrates GPS, Windows system, digital camera, microphone, 3G communication, Bluetooth communication, mass storage, USB/RS232 port, SD card expansion and many other functions. With industrial-grade three-guard design, the specially reinforced structural design can withstand a drop of 1.5 meters to the concrete floor. The IP67 dust-proof and waterproof standard meets the complex environmental requirements of field operations. At the same time, the configuration of large-capacity lithium battery more able to meet the requirements of the day's work.
Professional industrial PDA application software is compatible with various mainstream industrial PDA software platforms, enabling seamless data integration.
System Configuration
> Windows CE operating system/android system
> 533MHz High Speed ​​ARM920T Processor
> 128M large capacity memory
> 512M Flash Flash (supports 1G or more memory)
> 3.2 inch professional outdoor color touch screen
> 3.7V, 4 400mAh Large Capacity Lithium Battery
Three anti-design
> Industrial-grade integrated design integrates multiple functions in one
> Specially reinforced apron that can withstand a drop of 1.5 meters to the concrete floor
> IP65 dust and waterproof design
> Adopts 20 channels/16 channels L1+ carrier phase GPS
> Built-in high-sensitivity anti-jamming GPS antenna
> Advanced PPP Technology (Precision Point Positioning Technology):
(1) PPP precision using SBAS signal can reach 0.8-1.5 meters (affected by area)
(2) The accuracy of PPP using IGS network data can reach 0.5 meters (IGS service fee is required)
Digital image
> Built-in digital camera for field acquisition of image information
> Software automates the mapping of GPS coordinates and image information
> Field microphone with built-in microphone for voice information
Wireless communication
> Integrated Industrial GPRS Wireless Communication
> Realize the data exchange between management center and mobile GPS terminal
> Task release, online monitoring, data upload, quick decision making
Data communication
> Built-in Bluetooth for easy wireless data transmission
> Through the Bluetooth connection, you can perform offset measurement with a rangefinder
> Built-in Micro SD card slot, support mass storage expansion
> Support USB, RS232 serial port data transmission
> Support 802.116 Wireless LAN
Field of application
1, logistics express
It can be used to collect dispatcher's air waybill data, transit/warehouse data collection, and scan the waybill information through the 3G module directly to the back-end server through the scanning of express mail barcodes, and can also realize related business information query functions.
Order receipt
Order time, address, product name, quantity, weight, contact person, contact number, where to send it, whether it is insured, whether to collect payment, etc.
No order receipt
The customer did not place an order through the company's customer service center. The shipment that needs to be issued temporarily may be one ticket or one ticket, multiple tickets, etc.
The normal dispatched items are on the outbound delivery form, and the dispatched shipments are completed at the specified time.
abnormal distribution
On the delivery form, shipments cannot be dispatched due to customer or other reasons within the specified time; shipments from other colleagues are dispatched
Business Inquiry
Receiving service scope, prohibited category, freight settlement, monthly settlement account, special customer, calculator, exchange rate conversion, number of delivery, public payment, code, etc.
Overseas inquiry
Zip, shipping, Chinese-English translation, etc.
My assistant
Cold start, hot start, volume adjustment, logout, lock screen, etc.
2, logistics and distribution
Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, and development are worthwhile for the terminal distribution, drug distribution, large factory in-factory logistics, and logistics company warehouse to warehouse transportation of major commodity manufacturers.
3, chain stores / stores / counters data collection
It is used to collect and transmit data such as entering, selling, depositing, storing, retrieving, retrieving, ordering, and membership management of a store, as well as inventory counting of stores.
4, shoes and clothing orders
For the footwear industry wireless ordering, based on WIFI wireless communication technology, through the pin state PDA handheld terminal scanning bar code on-site ordering, the order data will be wirelessly transmitted to the background ordering system, while enabling query, statistics and analysis functions.
5, card management
It is used to manage various IC cards and contactless IC cards such as ID cards, membership cards and so on. Card management, as the name suggests, manages various contact/non-contact IC cards, so the main extension function of the scanner used is contact/contactless IC card reading and writing.
6, bill management
It is used for data collection of ticketing units such as cinema tickets, train tickets, and scenic tickets.
7, three table reading
In the foreseeable future, this is a relatively large capacity market. The extended functions integrated in the meter reading machine of the three-sheet meter reading mainly include power infrared, barcode scanning, and data communication.
8, mobile government affairs, mobile policing
After the science and technology policing is not just a slogan, the technological content of equipment is getting higher and higher. In particular, traffic , patrol officers, and criminal have begun to equip with mobile data devices. Handheld terminals have been equipped to provide more officers. Powerful enforcement of policing tools. In addition to policing, the current health, urban management, taxation, and other administrative departments have also begun to use handheld terminals to regulate administrative services, while improving administrative efficiency.
The functions of handheld terminals used in mobile policing mainly include GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, and IC card reading and writing. In the future, fingerprint collection, comparison, and the like may also be required.
9. Forestry data collection
PDA is applied to field surveys and data collection and has achieved very good results. The survey design precision and work efficiency have been greatly improved in the first and second types of forest resource surveys and the planning and design of land acquisition and forest land acquisition. The application of PDA in the second survey of forest resources can be divided into two parts. One is to conduct on-site follow-up surveys with built-in or external GPS, and the second is to record data.
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