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Gorilla Glass

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Update time : 2019-01-14 11:07:47
Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly aluminum-silicon toughened glass produced by Corning, USA. It is mainly used in high-end smart phone screens with high scratch resistance performance requirements.
The predecessor of Gorilla Glass was a special glass made by Corning Corporation in the 1960s. It is often used in helicopters. Under normal circumstances, unintentional damage does not cause scratches.
Gorilla Glass
Development company
Corning Corporation (Corning)
Environmental protection type aluminum silicon tempered glass
development of
After 2010, the company carried out technological transformations on it to be used in the anti-corruption display of the consumer electronics industry.
In January 2012, Corning announced the launch of their second-generation Gorilla Glass at CES and will meet consumers in May 2012. The new generation of gorilla glass is thinner and lighter than previous products, and can even be bent to provide better protection for touch screen devices.
On January 10, 2013, Corning demonstrated the third generation Gorilla Glass at the CES and demonstrated the strength of the glass. In the field test, the demonstrator used a 175g metal ball to hit the center of different glass, ordinary glass was immediately crushed, but the third generation of gorilla glass did not have any damage. A new generation of products using the Native Damage Resistance technology, compared to the previous generation of products, visible scratches reduced by 40%, structural strength increased by 40%. Products using this screen are expected to be listed during the year. [1]
The first-generation gorilla glass has a uniform thickness and can reach different thickness specifications of 0.7 mm to 2.0 mm.
The second generation of Gorilla glass thickness introduced in 2012 has been reduced by 20% compared to the previous generation. This means that after the second generation of gorillas, the device will have the same protection effect as the first generation, but the saved thickness can be used in other fields, such as batteries, which can effectively solve the problem of insufficient battery life. [2]
This glass surface has a very low roughness and a smooth handle, which is suitable as a protective layer for a touch screen mobile phone.
Scratch resistance
As the most unique feature, scratch protection has always been a project that users are most willing to challenge. Some users are interested in scratching the screen with a knife or a key to test the scratch resistance of the glass, often without scratching after wiping the screen. .
Impact resistance
Poor impact resistance is the shortcoming of this type of glass. Under scratch resistance, its impact resistance is not strong, and it is very likely to break when it is accidentally dropped.
When Jobs came to Corning, he finally persuaded Corning to agree to produce scratch screens for IPHONE. This was a bold attempt. Now scratch-resistant gorilla glass has become the preferred screen for high-end mobile phones.
Gorilla glass is widely used on high-end smartphones and tablets. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Finland's Nokia Lumia 920(T) use Corning Gorilla [3], Lumia 925(T) and Lumia 928 [4] use Corning Gorilla 2.0 [5], and Nokia's latest release of Lumia 1020 uses Corning® Gorilla. ® Glass 3 [6] etc.; this kind of glass is also used on LCD TVs of many international companies.
Now many domestic brands are also using Corning Gorilla Glass, which shows that this glass is special!
Some of MobileX products are using Corning Gorilla Glass,such as MX7000,MX6000,MX4050,and so on.
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